Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot Sauce Festival and other good eats

  This morning my husband and I went to check out the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival. He was able to go last year, but I had to work. After he came home from it raving about an incredibly hot sauce called "The Source," I knew I should try to go to the next one.
You could taste the Source at the Tears of Joy tent along with several other salsas. There is a warning sign in front of it letting you know how hot it is. They will only let you sample a drop on a toothpick, but that tiny drop is enough to set your mouth on fire. It takes a little while for you to actually feel it, which we joked is because it burns off all the taste buds on your tongue, so you only feel it when it hits your throat. It is supposedly the hottest hot sauce in the world.
So here I am apprehensive before trying it
 And immediately after thinking, "ha! that wasn't so bad!"

Then it got hot! I was walking around breathing in and out like what you see women in labor in movies doing.

We tried several other sauces. I really liked the "Don't Panic Hispanic" sauce and booth

Santa Rita Cantina was nice enough to supply free bottles of water to thirsty people, which was much appreciated.

We also went through one line at the tasting tent where we were able to sample about 12 salsas, but after that it was just too hot being out in the sun so we left.

After the festival we decided to try out Opa!, which I had bought a gift certificate through Localiter back in June.  It is not too far from our place, and we've driven by it many times. They serve a variety of Greek/Mediterranean dishes along with coffee and alcohol. We each had a white mocha- mine was iced and my husband got his hot. How he wanted a hot drink after the morning we had, I'll never know...
 The place was quiet with just a few other people there, mainly using the free wifi. If I was a student, it would be a nice place to study away from the UT area. I'm sure it gets lively in the evenings with such a nice patio outside (unfortunately it was too hot for us to brave it). On each of the tables inside were a variety of books and/or magazines, which we leafed through while waiting for our food.
I had a hummus and pita bread place, while husband had a lamb panini.

The hummus was good and had whole pine nuts mixed in, but I think I would have liked a bit more pita bread to go with it. Nonetheless I could foresee us going again to have a coffee or maybe a drink in the evenings with some friends.

In the afternoon we went over to my parent's house to watch Cemetery Junction, which is a new(ish) film by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Unfortunately it went straight to DVD over here in the States, but I was able to first see it at a screening at the Alamo Drafthouse about two weeks ago. I do recommend putting it on your Netflix queue or getting it off Amazon. It won't blow your mind, but it has some good laughs and is thoroughly enjoyable.

Well, tomorrow it's back to the grind at work. Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Good grief

Great job, Hawlie! Start a blog the week you do almost nothing of note.

I did watch Dexter season 4. The ending was heartbreaking, and I have no idea how they are going to start season 5. That show is so good.

This weekend I shall be heading to Schlitterbahn and then to the Hot Sauce Festival, so hopefully some new pictures and fun soon! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Talkin bout 'My Generation'

Yes I am sure that everyone is going to be using the title that I chose when this show comes out.

Last Tuesday I got to preview the pilot episode of ABC's new show "My Generation", which is being filmed here in Austin. I remember hearing that they were going to film it here months ago when it was still being called Generation Y, and I even saw their trucks for filming near the Seaholm Power Plant not too long ago.

The basis of the show is that in 2000 a 'documentary crew' filmed the lives of several high schoolers during their senior year. All stereotypical high school cliques were represented (the jock, the rich kid, the beauty queen, the wallflower, etc) and as you entered the screening you were handed a random t-shirt with one of the characters.

I'm a

Clips of the 'original documentary' are shown throughout, but the show itself takes place in 2010 when the film crew returns to see how the lives of the students have changed.

I went into the screening with no expectations and walked out fully intending to try and remember to actually watch television when the show starts on September 23. It is funny without being too over the top and interspersed with heart-wrenching scenarios relatable to people who came of age at the same time as the characters.

It was also fun to see a show that takes place in Austin and to have another show being filmed here, since Friday Night Lights is almost finished. I immediately recognized Jaime King (who plays the pretty girl Jackie Fox) since I was an extra in a film with her when I was in 8th grade. I guess she likes working in the Central Texas area!
I recognized a lot of places downtown from the show, which was cool, but thought it was funny how often characters would accidentally bump into each other around the city, as if Austin wasn't a large metropolitan area.

I normally just watch tv shows through Netflix instant streaming, but I think I will definitely try to watch this show weekly when it is shown the first time around. I highly recommend it!

First Post

Well, well, well, Internets.
I guess I should write a little bit about myself before you start reading this blog about...myself.
I am female, in my 20s, and grew up in Austin. I returned here after several stints abroad in Europe.
I live with my English husband and our two cats who are like our babies. I am an obsessive cat lady at heart, even though I managed to snag myself a man.
I enjoy fashion (and wish I had more money to spend on clothes), movies, and music - just like most people 'round these here parts.

So why should you read this blog?
I tend to see a lot of movies before they are out and find out about fun places and things to do. A lot of my friends ask me where I find out about stuff whether it is events I go to or blogs I read. Sometimes I'm not even sure how I end up finding stuff, but here is somewhere where I can record my journeys and maybe you will find something interesting you want to do too.
And so, good Internets, I welcome you to hang with me here and share the fun.
Feel free to comment about things you like, don't like, agree with me, disagree with me, or any tips on places I should check out!