Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Post

Well, well, well, Internets.
I guess I should write a little bit about myself before you start reading this blog about...myself.
I am female, in my 20s, and grew up in Austin. I returned here after several stints abroad in Europe.
I live with my English husband and our two cats who are like our babies. I am an obsessive cat lady at heart, even though I managed to snag myself a man.
I enjoy fashion (and wish I had more money to spend on clothes), movies, and music - just like most people 'round these here parts.

So why should you read this blog?
I tend to see a lot of movies before they are out and find out about fun places and things to do. A lot of my friends ask me where I find out about stuff whether it is events I go to or blogs I read. Sometimes I'm not even sure how I end up finding stuff, but here is somewhere where I can record my journeys and maybe you will find something interesting you want to do too.
And so, good Internets, I welcome you to hang with me here and share the fun.
Feel free to comment about things you like, don't like, agree with me, disagree with me, or any tips on places I should check out!

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