Saturday, September 4, 2010

Machete don't text

I wore this dress for the first time on Thursday evening to the Austin premier of Machete at the Paramount Theatre.
 I got it at Forever21 several month ago, but hadn't found a good reason to wear it until now. I paired it with green shoes from Topshop that are ever so slightly too big for me so I had to stuff tissues in the toes so my
feet would not slide out all night. (Excuse the mess on the floor, but it has been a busy week, and I hadn't gotten around to straightening up. The living room is much cleaner today though!)

A fair amount of the cast showed up, since it was filmed in Austin and a lot of the minor characters are local.
It almost seemed like a little LOST reunion because Michelle Rodriguez and Jeff Fahey were both in the film and in attendance, but Ken Leung (Miles Straume on the show) was also randomly there. My pictures from the red carpet arrivals aren't very good because my camera was not being cooperative. For example:
Oh look! It's a blurry picture of Michelle Rodriguez having her picture taken by someone else.

The movie was really entertaining, and it was fun to watch Austin displayed prominently in another film, although they made it seem like it was mostly full of either illegal Mexican immigrants or conservative, money-hungry, right-wingers. I could overlook all that though, because it's not as though the film was setting out to be super realistic - just super awesome!

The cast and Robert Rodriguez did a Q&A afterward which was interesting to listen to, but I couldn't help but think about several of the women "I've now seen you naked." We also learned interesting movie maker tips such as the best sound effects to mimic the cell of a lady pulling a cell phone out her hoo-ha.

After the premier we headed to the afterparty at Austin Studios. It was supposed to be 'stunt filled' but nothing really happened in the hour we were there. Most of the vehicles from a prominent sequence in the film were out for people to take pictures with or admire.

There was also loads of free beer about, but I had to be responsible and not have any since A) I was driving and B) had to be at work early the next morning.

Jeff Fahey, Ken Leung, and Robert Rodriguez were about being social, but I didn't see Danny Trejo or Michelle Rodriguez mingling while we were there.

All in all it was a good experience, but I think the party would have been more fun if it was on a weekend.
Robert Rodriguez said that he had just flown in from Venice, missed him plane in Houston, had to rent a car to be back in Austin for the premier AND was starting filming Spy Kids 4 the next day. So I felt really lazy compared to him. I wish I had that stamina.


  1. Now all I can think is 'What sound is that??'

    hehe so glad you are back in the blogosphere, I love nosing into what my favourite Texan is up to.

    <3 xxxxx

  2. I don't remember everything he said they used, but one was someone biting into an apple

  3. I love the dress you wore to the Machete premier! The pictures you posted are also fantastic. Can't wait to read up on what you're going to do next :-)