Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Shopping Haul

Sunday newspapers = new weekly ads + new coupon inserts.

Using coupons plus CVS bucks from last week I was able to get:
Lysol disinfecting wipes
Lysol neutra air
Air wick aqua mist x2
bottle of Purex natural laundry detergent
Alive women's vitamins
Olay Regenerist Eye Roller
Skintamite shave cream
Nivea for Men shower wash/shampoo/shave cream

price paid: $22.05
savings: $47.91
Plus I got $31 in CVS bucks back
The girl at the register said "That's amazing!" when all the bucks started printing out.

I'll probably donate about half of what I bought today to the shelter. I don't know if they'll take vitamins, and  the Nivea for Men probably isn't good for a women's shelter.

Here are some good deals at CVS this week if you want to do some shopping of your own
If you want to get started in couponing, the first thing you should do is buy/obtain somehow a Sunday paper each week. Grocery coupon guide also has some good suggestions on how you might be able to go about getting coupon inserts for free, if you are willing to do the legwork.

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  1. I would love to know if there was a british version of this.