Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My new bicycle! Seeing Sufjan Stevens!

I have been wanting a bicycle for a while now. Well... a bicycle OR a Vespa. My husband has adamantly said no to the Vespa, but he finally agreed that buying some bikes would be a good idea.
So I eagerly waiting for him to come home from work all day so we could go shopping. Originally I said let's just go to Wal-Mart and get whatever is cheap, because I'm not looking to compete in races or commute to work on it, but there are about a bazillion local bike shops in a mile radius of our place, and my husband wanted to support a local business.

We ended up at Bicycle Sport Shop on S. Lamar. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the girl who helped us, but she was wonderful with letting us try out several bikes and explaining the differences between them. When she first asked us what we were looking for I had to tell her that I had no idea about bikes and hadn't ridden one since about age 10.

We definitely spent more than we would have at Wal-Mart, but considering we had to try three different size frames and raise and lower the seat and let me zoom around the parking lot on many different styles, the service is definitely better than we would have received, and I will probably ride this bike for years and years.

Take a look at my beautiful baby. All that is missing is a basket for carrying kittens or flowers or silly things like that. (disclaimer: I would never actually carry kittens around in a bike basket. heh). It even has a bell on it!
Another benefit of buying from Bicycle Sport Shop is that we get two free tune-ups in the next year, so that's pretty handy.

In the evening we met up with my brothers and headed to the Long Center to see Sufjan Stevens. The last time I had seen him was in 2006 when he was here around ACL festival time. I saw him at the Paramount Theatre and tape his Austin City Limits show. (<--- click to see a performance of Casimir Pulaski Day from that show).
So I admit that I have kind of fallen behind in staying up with music ever since I graduated university, so I hadn't actually heard anything off this new albums. And boy was it different than the last time I saw him!
He had a light show and a screen with animations featuring the art of the 'Prophet' Royal Robertson who he was inspired by and whose artwork appears on his Age of Adz album.
The concert also featured Sufjan dancing. Oh yes. It was awkwardly adorable and caused many screaming fan girls to go crazy.
Since the Long Center typically hosts plays, orchestras, and other types of art, my brother was jokingly tempted to ask the old ushers if they had ever seen so many hipsters in one place before. I said they probably don't know what the word hipster means.
Although most people completely disregarded the signs prohibiting cameras, flashes, and using cell phones while in the auditorium, I didn't bother trying to use my camera. So no pictures. Sorry.

^one of the stand out songs from the concert and the new album, in my opinion.

I headed out to Waterloo Records today and picked up the album, which I currently have stuck in my head at work.

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