Saturday, November 6, 2010

Austin eats and tasty treats

Today husband and I ventured a few blocks towards downtown to Auditorium Shores for the Gypsy Picnic.
We arrived a bit later than I had hoped after running some errands this morning. We walked to the festival, since I'm still nervous on the road on my bike, and there was loads of traffic (both cars and people) out and about. Apart from the picnic, there is a massive charity garage sale at the Palmer Events Center, so everywhere around Barton Springs & Riverside & S. 1st has been jammed.
We brought some chairs with us, and I stopped at the entrance to take a picture of the trailer they had set up for the festival.
Then my camera alerted me to the fact that there was no SD card inside.
I left husband at the entrance to go in and set up camp while I hiked it (uphill) back to our apartment for my memory card.
20 minutes and a lot of wheezing later I was back and ready to roll. Husband had a Shiner Ziegenbock ready for me, and we watched a couple minutes of the band English Teeth play on stage. Then my stomach reminded me of why I was there in the first place.
From looking over the trailers and their festival menus online the night before, I knew I wanted to try a wrap from Conscious Cravings. I went with the Pan Seared Tofu Wrap.
All the trailers were selling sample items for $3 a piece. Since this was my first place to try at the festival, although I was a bit disappointed with the size, I figured maybe everywhere was going to be similar. For what it was, though, it was super tasty. I can definitely see myself eating there again. I was really torn between the tofu wrap and the chickpea wrap, but I was happy with my choice.

Since the lines were pretty long, husband got in line at Sugar Shack BBQ for a Notorius P.I.G. wrap while I waited at Conscious Cravings. After I got my food, I joined him in line.
In his words, it was "freakin' incredibly delicious." He really liked the mustard cole slaw on it, which was a bit different, but good. I was a bit jealous when I saw his sample size turn out to be a full sized wrap.

Next we wandered around a bit checking out the menus of places, and scouting out who had a shorter line.
Their festival guides also have a listing of the major food trailers around Austin, even if they weren't at the festival. I am thinking of attempting to eat at all the ones listed and reviewing them here.
Husband really liked the look of Turf N Surf Po Boy, so we got in line.
He got the tangy mango pulled pork taco. And again I was feeling short changed with the small serving I had had earlier. Judging from the content sounds he made while eating it, I assume it was pretty tasty.
Next we walked around a bit more looking for somewhere with a good vegetarian option for me that didn't have a massive queue. I ended up at Roytito's for a migas taco.
I ended up voting for them as my fan favorite for several reasons:
1.) Their sample size was generous
2.) All their menu items came with chips and salsa
3.) Their items were freshly cooked then and there. Some of the trailers had pre-made their items and had them in warmers, which I can understand due to the crowds, but it was nice to have my plate steaming fresh. 
3.) Temporary tattoos.
By the time I finished my food the lines were even longer, and I was a bit sick of the sun beating down on us. We headed to Cutie Pie Wagon for dessert. I had seen earlier that they were pretty efficient with getting the pie slices to people, so I figured they were the best choice for dessert without standing in line too long.
I had the MJ Texas Twister which was white chocolate coconut cream pie.
Husband chose the fudge brownie and got their very last slice of that flavor.

It was a lot of fun, even with the long lines and abnormally hot for November sun. I'll be surprised if the trailers still have food left over when it ends at 8pm this evening.
Hopefully the attendees discovered somewhere new they will frequent to encourage the local businesses. We can't wait for next year and hope there will be even more new places to try!

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