Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspiration Mondays: Anthroholic

Although I love to go in and browse all the lovely items, I admit I only own one thing from Anthropologie.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the store, it is Urban Outfitters' classier, more expensive cousin.We have two locations in Austin (one in the Domain and one on 6th and Lamar near Bookpeople). Whenever I'm in the area I like to pop in and lust after all the pretty dresses.

And for all things Anthropologie, I like to read the blog Anthroholic
There are several things I enjoy about the way Kim runs her blog:
1) like most fashion bloggers, she often posts Outfit of the Day pictures that show what she wore and for what occasion. I like to see what other people wear for work if their office doesn't have a strict dress code (because mine certainly doesn't!). She lives in a colder area of the country, so she gets to take advantage of layering items more often than I do. (It was 80 degrees here yesterday! 80! in Janaury! but a cold front is due tomorrow)
2) she posts fitting room reviews that are helpful for seeing what the items look like on a normal person, as well as providing insight into whether that particular item runs smaller, larger or true to size. One thing that I really like about fashion blogs is being able to see clothes on a variety of different people as well as find someone who is a similar size and body type as myself in order to get ideas about what might look good on me
3) her Reader Outfits posts. Every week she lets people send in photos of themselves showing off how they have styled an item. Sometimes there is a theme where everyone must include a specific item, but mostly it is just a great variety of women showing off a nice outfit they wore. She also takes the time to comment on every picture, which probably takes quite a while to do, but is a really sweet effort. One day I"m going to have actually photograph myself in my one Anthropologie skirt and send it in!
4) the blog is a great resource if you had your eye on a certain item, but could justify the price to yourself. Kim is great about updating what items are going on sale and for how much, which is really helpful if you don't have a store close enough to check it often yourself.

Even if you, personally, are not an Anthroholic, it is still a fun blog to read and be inspired by.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dog Almighty! That's some tasty chili!

Husband was in the mood for some chili cheese fries, so I looked online to see who nearby did some.
Dog Almighty was a recommended on Yelp and it was A) close and B) has a veggie option to its entire menu.
We ordered our food, then sat down and admired the coloring sheets
Some of which people had obviously invested a lot of time in
I ordered a veggie dog with nacho cheese and jalapenos
While Husband had the 'classic' which is chili, cheese, onions, and mustard.
And of course we had the chili cheese fries!
With the veggie chili
It hit the spot.
The hot dogs are a good price and everything tasted good.
But it's not the quickest service.
And I'm sure the employee opening the screw top of our blueberry soda with his bottom of his shirt is probably against some health regulation.
So they get minus points for that.
Otherwise I recommend them...just... say you can open your own drink thank you very much.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Inspiration Mondays Week 2 - Adored Austin

For this week's inspiration blog I thought I would write about my favorite Austin blog:

I like the super positive, upbeat tone of her writing.

Apart from outfit posts she writes generally about what she's up to or things she finds amusing.
She's an actress, a new mom, and working on making her own short film...
...which, being the cat obsessed lady that I am, I couldn't help but love the plot.

She is also helping to put on The Texas Style Council Conference in March which I am registered for and very excited about.

Food always tastes better when someone else makes it. And even better when it's free.

I had won a gift card to Opal Divines a couple of months ago from The Austin Chronicle but only recently got around to using it.
We decided to check out the Penn Field location on S. Congress since it was convenient for us to get to. I had never been up to the Penn Field center before so I accidentally went past it, but I found out about all the places there that I didn't know existed. Husband was impressed by the appointment only Gibson Guitar Showroom.

We went around 3pm, so it was slow which helped us get our food quickly. We snacked on the chips and queso while we waited. My only issue with the place is that you need to be a fan of black pepper. Apparently their cracked black pepper fries are award winning, and although I am a big pepper fan myself, I wasn't expecting quite so much in the cheese and salsa.

I had the Susan's Salad which had lettuce, tomatoes, walnuts, cranberries, apples, red onions, and carrots. It was very tasty and filling, and I'm happy that there was ample amounts each of the ingredients. I hate when you order a salad that is mostly just lettuce.

Husband had the Smoked Pulled Pork Tacos which feature Stubb's wicked sauce. As you can see they were generous with the toppings on his as well.

I'm glad I won the gift card cause it got us to visit a place that we had talked about trying but hadn't actually made it out there yet. The three locations also host Geeks Who Drink pub quizzes which we have also been meaning to check out.

In other news, Husband finally got approved for some time off, so we are going to be visiting the UK very soon.
I cannot wait to eat myself silly
And see my friends and in-laws.
And shop at Topshop.
And eat.
And visit the Fairypants Headquarters.

And eat.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiration Mondays

A friend of mine today sent me a link to a style blog that she said she thought of me when she started following it and thought I would like it. And I do.

But it made me decide to share with you all personal style blogs that I enjoy. Or maybe, it made me finally actually start a post about them, since it is something I have been meaning to do.
Each Monday for the next several weeks I'll be featuring blogs that I love.
And rather than saving the best for last, I'll share my favorite first:

I only wish[wishwish. harhar] that at age 20 I was as put-together and creative as Carrie. Even at several years older I'll admit am jealous of her style and all she gets up to (like just being mentioned in The Times!).
 Her blog is filled with lovely pictures of outfits she has worn, shops she has visited, and items she would like herself.
And sometimes we are even treated to posts with videos as well.

Being a busy university student, she doesn't tend to post everyday, but I still tend to check the site several times a day, just in case.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gimme a liter o' cola

On Saturday Husband and I used up a Groupon to Thai Fresh, which is an awesome little restaurant that uses local ingredients to make delicious Thai dishes.
They also offer cooking classes, which Husband bought us some for Christmas so we can hopefully learn how to recreate some of the food at home!
They have the different dishes that are available each day in a case near the front and you pick a 1, 2, or 3 item dish. I normally go with 2 items and brown rice, which is plenty to fill me up.
This time I went with the yellow curry with tofu, potato, and onion and the  pad see ew with tofu.
To wash it all down I had the Thai coffee, which I'm obsessed with.
mmm coffee and sweetened condensed milk
They also have a tea bar and a display case of desserts, but I've always been so full from my main that I have tried any of the desserts yet.

Saturday was also a momentous day for me.
My car hit the big 100k
Although husband's car has about 40k more miles on it, it runs better than mine! 

 In the evening we headed out to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in order to attend the Super Troopers Quote-Along.
I keep ending up at Alamo events that are geared towards big fans for films I've never seen before.
We were looking for something to do that evening, and I had seen everything else that was playing normally, so we decided 'why not? haven't been to a quote-along yet!'
As they let people into the theater you picked up a cop moustache and either a red or blue glowstick.
 We were instructed to swing the glowsticks around our heads whenever there were police sirens/lights on screen. It was pretty cool to sit near the top and see a sea of swinging glowsticks.
Also showing this month in quote-along form is The Big Lebowski, which I also have never seen, but Husband would quite like to go.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebrations galore

Hey there, blog. I'm sorry I've been neglectful, but my time has been filled with things like a wedding, Christmas, a birthday, and the New Year - lots of celebrating going on.
First, a couple weeks ago my good friend Emily was in town for her wedding, so of course we had to spend a Friday night out on the town for her bachelorette party.
My sis was there as well
We met up for drinks at an Executive Suite at the Omni Hotel, which was pretty awesome. Then we had dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse, which I had never been to. The food itself was forgettable, but it was fun hanging with all the ladies.
From there we went to Qua. People are pretty divided on Qua. Some people like it. Some people hate the atmosphere. Some people like it because there are sharks in the dancefloor. And some people hate it because there are SHARKS IN THE DANCEFLOOR!
I had been wanting to check it out just to see the dancefloor, and it was pretty neat (all animal rights aside). My pictures didn't come out very well, so I think I deleted them. We only stayed for about two songs and then barhopped the rest of the night. It's nice going out in a group of 10 girls because we didn't have to pay for a single drink all night. 

The actual wedding itself was lovely, and from what I've seen so far the photographer did an amazing job.
My sis took a couple photos:

And I've been having fun experimenting with different photo apps on my new iPod

Then we had Christmas at my parent's house.
If you've ever seen a British film that takes place around Christmas and wondered why they wear the tissue paper hats, it is because they come in Christmas Crackers, along with a small toy and a joke. To keep up with the tradition for husband, my mom was able to locate some crackers that we all opened after dinner. My cousin's 4 year old daughter got the shell game, so we taught her to hustle and she won $9 from us. We might have created a monster.

My birthday takes place between Christmas and New Years, which is a very unfortunate time to have a birthday. I spent the day at work where my co-workers were nice enough to get me a card, a balloon, and a ~*lovely*~ birthday headband

I redeemed my birthday coupon for a free Which Wich sandwich, then sat at home bored having a pity party for myself, since husband was in asleep by 9pm.

For New Years Eve we didn't have any plans, but got invited to Fado where some friend would be hanging out. I didn't get off work until 7pm, and by the time I showered and we walked down there, the place was packed and I couldn't be bothered to pay the cover charge when I wanted to still get some food and wasn't sure I'd be there that long. So husband and I wandered 6th Street, where I got a slice of pizza and found Waldo
Husband felt it necessary to again remind me that his name is actually Wally since his creator is British and that was the original name. Fun fact for you all there.

We were going to meet some friends at my favorite club Barbarella, but after walking there I started to get a pretty severe pain where I had surgery two years ago (and what I had it for has a big recurrence rate) so I started to freak out a bit and just didn't feel like staying out, so we took a taxi home, watched the fireworks over Town Lake from our couch and watching the film Inglourious Basterds from Netflix, which I hadn't seen before.

New Years Day we went to my parent's house to celebrate the New Year and my birthday with the family.
I'm the only vegetarian in the family, and the main course was lamb. So my birthday dinner consisted of bruschetta, a couple new potatoes, a tomato & cucumber salad and yorkshire puddings that husband made.
It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly a great birthday meal.
At dinner my mother also issued a 2011 Challenge to me and my siblings. If we lose 10% of our body weight she will give us $100 to buy new clothes. So that's pretty cool.
And then a big cake was placed in front of me.

I hope you all had a wonder Christmas and New Year.
Any resolutions you have set for yourself?