Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dog Almighty! That's some tasty chili!

Husband was in the mood for some chili cheese fries, so I looked online to see who nearby did some.
Dog Almighty was a recommended on Yelp and it was A) close and B) has a veggie option to its entire menu.
We ordered our food, then sat down and admired the coloring sheets
Some of which people had obviously invested a lot of time in
I ordered a veggie dog with nacho cheese and jalapenos
While Husband had the 'classic' which is chili, cheese, onions, and mustard.
And of course we had the chili cheese fries!
With the veggie chili
It hit the spot.
The hot dogs are a good price and everything tasted good.
But it's not the quickest service.
And I'm sure the employee opening the screw top of our blueberry soda with his bottom of his shirt is probably against some health regulation.
So they get minus points for that.
Otherwise I recommend them...just... say you can open your own drink thank you very much.

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