Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspiration Mondays: Anthroholic

Although I love to go in and browse all the lovely items, I admit I only own one thing from Anthropologie.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the store, it is Urban Outfitters' classier, more expensive cousin.We have two locations in Austin (one in the Domain and one on 6th and Lamar near Bookpeople). Whenever I'm in the area I like to pop in and lust after all the pretty dresses.

And for all things Anthropologie, I like to read the blog Anthroholic
There are several things I enjoy about the way Kim runs her blog:
1) like most fashion bloggers, she often posts Outfit of the Day pictures that show what she wore and for what occasion. I like to see what other people wear for work if their office doesn't have a strict dress code (because mine certainly doesn't!). She lives in a colder area of the country, so she gets to take advantage of layering items more often than I do. (It was 80 degrees here yesterday! 80! in Janaury! but a cold front is due tomorrow)
2) she posts fitting room reviews that are helpful for seeing what the items look like on a normal person, as well as providing insight into whether that particular item runs smaller, larger or true to size. One thing that I really like about fashion blogs is being able to see clothes on a variety of different people as well as find someone who is a similar size and body type as myself in order to get ideas about what might look good on me
3) her Reader Outfits posts. Every week she lets people send in photos of themselves showing off how they have styled an item. Sometimes there is a theme where everyone must include a specific item, but mostly it is just a great variety of women showing off a nice outfit they wore. She also takes the time to comment on every picture, which probably takes quite a while to do, but is a really sweet effort. One day I"m going to have actually photograph myself in my one Anthropologie skirt and send it in!
4) the blog is a great resource if you had your eye on a certain item, but could justify the price to yourself. Kim is great about updating what items are going on sale and for how much, which is really helpful if you don't have a store close enough to check it often yourself.

Even if you, personally, are not an Anthroholic, it is still a fun blog to read and be inspired by.

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  1. Awww I just found this post and wanted to say thanks!! You're so sweet and thanks for reading my blog :)