Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Abundance* of Coats

Before I left for my trip I searched store after store after store looking for a warm coat to wear since I knew it would be consistently colder in the UK than in Texas (not to mention I would be outside walking a whole lot more as well). It was mid-January and already most stores were stocked full of springtime clothes. I finally found a coat on clearance at a store I don't normally shop at, but it was warm and it looked nice and the price was right.
Cut to shopping in the UK.
Stores were full of cute coats all begging to be bought.
I resisted enough to where I only came home with two new coats.
It was 80 degrees yesterday. Oops.
But today was chilly enough to where I wasn't completely foolish for wearing a coat.
I met up with my sister, and we went to the Arboretum which has several cow sculptures that we used to play on when we were little. When we arrived there was a little boy with a toy gun who pointed it at me so I pretended like he shot me, which made him smile but also hide behind his mother. It was cute.
The shoes are also new from my trip, and I think my mother-in-law is proud of me for branching out into wearing more heels.
My sister couldn't resist us taking a stereotypical 'look at your shoes' picture.
And because I can never be serious:
I hope it stays cool a little while longer.

Coat: Primark  Shoes: New Look  Dress: Forever 21

*so maybe owning 4 coats might not be an abundance. but it is more than i have ever had need for at one time living in Texas. and especially since summer weather is coming, it seems a bit over the top to me to have several barely worn


  1. Love that coat! Awesome choice. No worries, buying something affordable you love is never a bad purchase.