Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Roundup

On Thursday a good friend arrived from the UK so I have been pretty busy taking him around places in town. I love showing off Austin  to people, and since he has been once already, we could skip places like the Capitol. I am, however, feeling pretty exhausted. Husband went with him to see White Lies tonight, so I have some time to get things done around the house and on here.

On Friday we woke up early and took out the bikes to one of the Bike to Work Day breakfast stations.
We opted for breakfast tacos and bananas, although there were also bagels and muffins.
From there we road around the Bouldin Creek neighborhood which is full of fun, unique houses that I would love to live in, but they are so, so expensive. Then we headed down to the river and across Lamar before a flat tire caused us to return home.

We went and browsed around Barton Creek Square Mall, then spent most of the afternoon watching recent Saturday Night Live episodes on Netflix.
 In the evening we headed to Waterloo Records for an in-store by White Denim. They played a pretty long set (for an in-store) with songs from their new album.

By the time the in-store finished Husband was home from work, so we picked him up and went to the food trailers on South Congress.
I had been wanting to try The Mighty Cone for a while, and after reading about it in a book on food trailers at Waterloo, I decided that it was going to be my dinner. I had the veggie slider, since I don't really eat meat. Husband got the beef slider because the other cone meals came with ancho sauce, and he thought that meant anchovy sauce. He is under the impression that most Americans like anchovies, and although I told him ancho sauce doesn't have anchovies he was wary until he looked it up online after ordering.
I also got the fried pickles, which were my favorite part of the meal. They were rolled in their Hot 'n' Crunchy breading which consists of sesame seeds, almonds, chili flakes, sea salt, sugar, and corn flakes. The slider was good as well, but the patty wasn't as firm as I would like, so it fell apart while eating. The ketchup we were given for the fries was pretty good and tasted like it was homemade by the restaurant (definitely wasn't Heinz!).
I'd go back again for the pickles for sure.

After dinner we walked around South Congress a bit and found what I am stating right now to be the MUST HAVE bag of the summer:
Don't you want to run out and buy 5 right now!?
Fair enough.

On Saturday we had our last soccer game of the season. I was so muggy outside that it was like we were playing in a swamp. Even though we were down our best player we still managed to tie 1-1.

After a quick shower we walked to the South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery to have lunch at Torchy's Tacos. I almost always get the migas tacos along with the green chili queso, which is one of my favorite quesos in Austin.

Then we headed to the Renegade Craft Fair.

As soon as I saw the cat coaster by Handmade Julz I had to have it. I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady and our two cats are -you guessed it - orange and grey.
everybody say 'awwww'
Apart from the cat one, it was hard to narrow down which other coasters we liked because there were many designs and all of them were cute.

Husband really liked the items from pixelparty and said he wants the fire flower whenever we actually live in a place with a yard.

Of course we visited the Magnolia photobooth for a photo

We bumped into Maybe This Door and also made sure to say hello to Betsy & Iya.

Some of the other memorable items were:
The monster hoodies from Cutesy but not Cutesy
Cookie vs. Wookie by Paul Friedrich
The Conan O'Brien knit doll by CraftyisCool

After Renegade we headed to my parents' house to swim then have dinner with my family.
Later that night we went out to Barbarella for their indie/electro night which I can't really go to much anymore now that I wake up for work at 5am, but I was happy I have most of this week off and could make it.

Sunday we spent at Schlitterbahn, and it was the perfect day to go because there were almost no lines and it was a bit overcast so we didn't have the sun constantly beating down on us all day.

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  1. I saw the chicken bag in Barcelona, and really wanted it, but it was too expensive :-(