Sunday, June 12, 2011

Food and Film

Hey Internet!
Last we spoke a friend was visiting from the UK.
Some other things we did:
Cupcakes from Lick it Bite it or Both
I like how they display all the flavors
One wall is covered with decorated cupcake liners. You can color and add your own.

We went with my siblings to Pluckers' trivia night at the Pluckers in Round Rock. We won 1st place!
We shared a serving of fried Twinkies. They're pretty sickening, but you've gotta have them at least once in your life!

On Thursdays the Blanton Museum of Art is free!
Right now they have a portraiture exhibition that explores portraits throughout the ages in different mediums.
You can view a Farrah Fawcett portrait by Andy Warhol up close.

We saw The Hangover 2, which was alright. Pretty much the same as the first one.

Since our friend left I've spent a bit of my free time running around taking photos for an Austin scavenger hunt (but more on that later).

Husband and I saw Super 8 the other night, and it was fantastic! I'm not one for scary movies and this one wasn't that scary, but there were a number of times when I jumped and shrieked a little.
In case you've been away from the internet for the last week, I've been loving the new Alamo Drafthouse Don't Talk PSA (this is the uncensored, NSFW (due to language) version)

I'm trying to convince Husband to go with me to see X-Men First Class.

What have you been up to, Internet?