Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Mooovelous Sight to Behold

Tonight at the Long Center there was a preview of the Cow Parade which has been held in 75 cities in 30 countries around the world.

Mazy Moo

Artists create the cows which will be displayed publicly around the city through October at which point 50 will be auctioned off for charity.
The Austin event is supporting Dell Children's Medical Center and the Superhero Kids Fund.

Also on display was Micheal Jackson's Thriller jacket which was recently purchased for $1.8 million by Austin philanthropist Milton Verret who arranged for $100k of the winning bid to go to the Superhero Kids Fund
The jacket is going to go around the world on tour to raise money for charities that help sick children.
Check out a map here of where you can see the cows on display

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello Old Friend

I'm alive!
I've been around, just not much on blogger.
Ever feel like everything is going wrong? That's how the beginning of June felt, but then things got better. Even so, I just didn't really have much to update on or talk about. I've barely taken any pictures of anything recently.

Things I have been obsessed with lately:

McFassy (some things on that tumblr might be NSFW, fyi)- I've seen X-Men: First Class twice, and I love it and the fandom that has developed around Magneto/Charles and the actors that play them.

Roswell  - the whole series is available on Netflix instant streaming and I'm just a little bit addicted to it. My sister swears that I used to talk about watching it all the time in high school, but I can't recall ever seeing an episode. One of us has lost our minds. I'm not sure which one.

Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bars - I remember seeing ads for Magnum ice creams everywhere in Spain and many commercials featuring Eva Longoria. Magnum ice cream only just became available in the US and our local supermarket had a bunch of coupons for $2/off, so I was getting boxes of them for $1. I've eaten way more than I should lately.

And speaking of consuming sugary things, there have been several birthdays in my family in the last month, and my sister has been making some incredible desserts, including this 14-layer cake:
 She made four kinds of cookies for my dad's birthday and these thin mint inspired cupcakes for my brother's birthday:
Tomorrow I'm going over to her place to try the butterbeer cupcakes she made this evening.

Earlier this month we took a friend of mine out for her birthday to try Frank since she and Husband had both had it on their 'need to try' lists.
Near the entrance I cracked up at a flier:
It says "Have you seen our cat?                                   And do you want to buy our record?"
The pull tabs have the website
(For an explanation watch this)

Anyway, for lunch I tried their [non-alcoholic version] ginger cherry limeade
It was very, very tasty.
For my main I had the veggie chili cheese waffle fries. It was alright, but I wasn't in love with the chili. I wish it had had beans or vegetables (apart from some chopped onions) or just a little something more to it.
What I was very excited about was dessert.
They had whoopie pies on the menu!
So I ordered one
"Oh, sorry, we don't sell those anymore"
"but....but....they're on the menu :'( "
So I went without
But Husband got the bacon chocolate chip cookie
It was a pretty big cookie for $1

I'm very excited to see Harry Potter soon, and have been guffawing over the gif and macro party over on ONTD. (some commenter's icons and things might be NSFW. you have been warned)