Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

"*sigh*... Austin never put this much effort into their soccer team" is what Husband muttered upon seeing the setup for the Lonestar Rollergirls (not that he's still bitter the team moved to Orlando, or anything). It's true. The Rollergirls had a large, enthusiastic crowd, boisterous announcers, and a camera crew so they can stream the games online. But, they have also been around a lot longer than the Austin Aztex were.
We finally decided to watch a roller derby match since we had heard so much about it and since it takes place so close to our home.
 Every match, a huge track is constructed at the Palmer Events Center, along with bleachers for the fans, a stage for bands, and stands for the announcers. The seating appeared to be first come, first served, so get there early to get a good seat as people save entire rows for friends coming later. You can also stand to the side of the track for a closer view.
I haven't seen the film Whip It or the show Rollergirls and didn't really know anything about the rules, apart from the description on the website: "Four 8 minute periods played between two teams"
Hmmm... 8 minute quarters. That's a pretty short game!

It lasted 3 hours (not including the time waiting for it to start).

Although a jam can last up to 60 seconds, some are shorter. They stop the clock in between. And every time someone is injured. And during penalties.
For a major penalty, the player had to go sit in the penalty box. Which was sponsored by the Dunham Law Firm. So every time someone would go to the penalty box the announcers would shamelessly plug "and when you find yourself in the penalty box of life... JAIL... called the Dunham Law Firm at xxx-xxxx..." which made me laugh.
For minor penalties, they would spin a wheel to determine what the player had to do.
 As you can see from the fan signs, some of the penalty (?)challenges(?) were pillow fight or two lap duel or tug of war or arm wrestling, and a player from each team would compete. Most of the ones this match ended with one girl on top of the other attacking them. It got pretty messy.
Before the match and during halftime they had bands play, which was a nice addition to the night. I don't remember the band who played at halftime, but The Bipolar Bears opened the night, and I enjoyed their set.
The next match will be this Saturday, August 6. You can buy tickets at the door for $15 or go here for more options.

I'd be up for going again, but I think it'd be more fun in a group of people. I should also probably pick a team to root for, rather than just clap for everything.

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