Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working my way back

Hello, old friend!
So... how have you been?
My laptop broke several weeks ago. And that was lame. Then I got a computer, but had nothing on it. Then my in-laws came to visit for two weeks.
So things are now settling down. And I actually have pictures to post.
But, I think I'm going to end up going backwards, since my most recent photos are the easiest to access and upload.

On Sunday we went to visit Fredericksburg, which has been on Husband's and my list of places to take a day trip to. We have been meaning to go around Christmas the last two years, but have not made it. Instead, we took his parents there on their last day in the country.

This shop is in Johnson City right where you turn to follow 290 towards Fredericksburg. We liked the look of the place even if it does threaten trespassers with gun violence

We parked in a randomly chosen space on the main street, in front of a candy shop that sold fudge buy 4 get 2 free. So Husband's mother treated us to several pieces.
I didn't know what to make of this M&M out front. It looks like he has eaten one too many pieces of candy and feels a bit like throwing up. Chocolate drunk.
We checked out the grounds of the Pioneer Museum, but not inside since it is closed on Sundays.
Apparently the peace treaty between the Fredericksburg settlers and the Penateka Comanches is the only known peace treaty in US history that was never broken.

Next we had a look around the little shops and boutiques that line Main Street (or at least the ones open on Sunday mornings). I enjoyed the quaintness of the area and all the old-timey signs. Especially this one:
... Don't you want things? for your room?
Garlic man with garlic babies
For lunch we went to the Fredericksburg Brewing Company
Husband and I both tried the sampler of their different beers. I think I liked the Peacepipe Pale Ale the best, and the Pioneer Porter just reinforced that I do not like porter. For food I tried their cheddar ale soup, but it was like eating a whole cup of lukewarm queso. It would be good on some chips, but a cup of it was way too much on its own.

After lunch the temperature was creeping up, and it had been a long two weeks, so we headed back to Austin. We've talked about going back for Oktoberfest this weekend, but we'll see if I feel up to driving there after our soccer match on Saturday.

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