Monday, January 16, 2012

Lights and Music

If you go near the Long Center anytime over the next few days, you will notice a huge line and oddly shaped tents.
Tents that have appeared all over the world.
When you finally get to the front of the line you are asked to remove your shoes. Then you are taken into a room in the first tent and are told that this is a piece of art. That it is a peaceful place. That you may want to sit or lie down. That you are going to experience color and music. Parents are told to stay with their children. Children are told to keep quiet so everyone can experience the calm.
Then a flap is opened and you are allowed 20 minutes to experience the luminarium created by the Architects of Air.

We had fun walking around exploring the different rooms. They only let around 40 people in at a time, which was a good number. We did have to dodge children at some points, but there were moments of peace when you would be the only one in an area for a few seconds.
After taking it all in, we had fun experimenting with shutter speeds on the camera.
Then we experimented with moving the camera while the shutter was going. I was really surprised by some of the photos we ended up with.
a rose of light
The project is up through January 20th and admission is from 10am-5pm. It is $8 per person. Go early and be prepared to stand in line (though maybe not as much now that kids will be back in school). We tried to go yesterday around noon but the wait was 3 hours long. This morning we got there half an hour before it opened and had about 50 people ahead of us. We got into the tents around 10:15am.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When nothing happens

I wish I had a cool reason why I haven't written anything here in months.
Like, if I had run away to some exotic foreign country.
Or if I was too busy helping other and doing good.
But the real reason is just that I have been working - 60 hour weeks for Oct/Nov - and spending my free time not doing much of anything.
And I'm sure no one wants to hear about what I watched on Netflix last night or what flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream I just ate an entire container of to myself.
I'm in a funk and haven't really taken any photos of anything in a long time.
Except mine and my parents' cats.

All of this to say I'm still here and will try to write more... once I do more write-worthy things.